Zuppa di pesce
  • Veloute soup

    with stonefish, basil croutons and minestrone

  • Mushroom ragout

    with Italian salsiccia sausage poached egg and broken sweet potato

  • Buffalo Μοzzarella

    with olive oil and prosciutto

  • Duck breast tagliata fillet

    with sweet and sour soya sauce

  • Asiago

    baked soft Italian cheese with thyme and pink pepper served with baked bread and black truffle honey

  • Homemade ravioli

    with spinach, ricotta cheese and parmesan cream

  • Potato croquettes

    with chicken, lime, spicy mayonnaise, coriander and soy sauce

  • Bruschetta with

    bio bread, Italian cheese stracchino and prosciutto

  • Beef tartare

    with caper leafs, lemon pepper and basil powder

  • Vitello tonnato

    with tender finely chopped calf, tuna sauce, capers apple and tomato sauce

  • Homemade French fries

    with truffle oil and pecorino cheese

  • Beef carpaccio

    with black and green pepper, organic olive oil and lemon served with crunchy truffle pita bread

Formaggi italiano
  • Stracchino

    Served with pine cone marmalade

  • Stracciatella

    Served with pine cone marmalade

  • Burrata

    Served with pine cone marmalade

  • Verde

    with mixed salad leaves, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, radishes, parmesan cheese and dressing of aged balsamic vinegar

  • Roasted chicken breast

    with Iceberg, corn, smoked pancetta and bacon dressing

  • Mozzarela Burrata

    with organic olive oil, cherry tomatoes, rocket and basil pesto

  • Quinoa

    with valerian leaves, cucumber, carrot, goji berries, cranberries, sunflower seeds and citrus dressing

  • Prosciutto

    in a crunchy nest with rocket leaves, corn, pomegranate, beetroot leaves and gorgonzola dressing

  • Caprese

    with mozzarella Buffalo, cherry tomatos, basil pesto, carob rusk and pine cone

  • Margherita

    fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce

  • Toscana

    Italian salami with fresh tomato sauce

  • Fungi

    truffle paste, mushrooms, tomato sauce and mozzarella

  • Barbeque Polo

    tomato sauce chicken, bacon, mozzarella and corn

  • Prosciutto

    mozzarella, truffle oil, parmesan flakes, tomato sauce and rocket leaves

  • Calabrese

    spicy sausage, tomato sauce, peppers, olives and fresh mozzarella

  • Salsiccia

    Italian sausage with poached egg and chives

Pasta | Risotto
  • Pappardelle

    with simmering short ribs, pecorino cream and white truffle oil

  • Fresh spaghetti chittara

    with fresh diced tomato, parmesan, basil and cherry tomato confit

  • Spagetonne Carbonara

    with guanciale, pecorino Romano,ground pepper and chives

  • Cacio e pepe spagettone

    with pecorino Romano, ground pepper and white truffle oil

  • Tagliatelle

    with beef ragu, cherry tomatoes and parmesan foam

  • Rigatoni

    with chicken fillet and fresh porcini mushroom

  • Homemade Potato Gnocchi

    with beef cheeks, truffle and Porto sauce

  • Tagliatelle tartufo

    with wild mushrooms and truffle oil

  • Rigatoni

    with basil pesto, cherry tomatoes and parmesan

  • Linguine al nero di seppia

    (spaghetti with squid ink) with crawfish, cherry tomato, ginger, lime and basil dressing

  • Asparagus Risotto

    with raspberry skin and thyme

  • Parmesan Risotto

    with thyme (fresh black truffle optional)

  • Potato puree with chives

  • Homemade French fries

  • Spinach with ricotta cheese

  • Steam brown rise with veal stock

  • Truffle Oil

  • Fresh black truffle

Carne | Pesce
  • Rib-eye Steak

  • Black Angus Flap Steak

  • Bistecca

    with fresh herbs | 2 share

  • Osso buco

    with fresh truffle, mushrooms and potato puree

  • Burger

    from entrecote beef with scamorza, omato and truffle mayonnaise sauce

  • Chicken Breast

    with Peruvian potato, baby carrots, broccoli, mushrooms with chilled yogurt mousse

  • Herb crusted Salmon

    with miso dressing, sweet potato puree and boiled leafy green salad

  • Panna Cotta

    with vanilia essence, strawberries and oreo cookies

  • Profiterol

    with creme patisserie, bitter chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream

  • Tiramisu

    Mascarpone cream in coffee syrup, cacao sponge cake and crispy gianduja

  • Calzone

    light semolina crème, praline, red berries mix and vanilla ice cream



Dimitris Chatzidimitriou, aged 32, studied at Le Monde. Despite his young age, he has collaborated with quite a few acclaimed restaurants such as ‘Kiku’ (Vouliagmeni) and ‘Taksidevontas’ (Nea Erithrea). You will find him at Bella Vespa combining traditional recipes with a modern twist.


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